”When I was a child, I often drew and loved coloring both my own drawings and in coloring books but as I grew older that creative side gave way for other things to be explored. It was not until later in life that I started feeling the urge to create again and to explore painting with acrylics. And when I found some spare time in my busy life I emerged myself and dived into the world of painting. As I am sure many others often experience it is easy to get court up in daily chores, work life etc. and we risk deprioritizing  the areas of life that are purely driven by passion.

Recently I have been reminded of what we all know but again risk forgetting, namely that life is so very precious and our time in life is not unlimited and that  we owe it to ourselves to stop and smell the roses and enjoy life and for those of us who work with a ”bucket list”: to prioritize doing things on that list. In order to commit myself even more to prioritize painting which I enjoy so much I finally found the courage to ”go public” and show my art outside of my own four walls.

But this was not the only reason; I also realized that while spending time painting, finding inspiration etc. gave me a lot of joy, I also found that sharing my paintings with the smaller audience I have done so far and seeing the effect it had on them and that the paintings triggered associations to places or moods they themselves had experienced or gave them a calm feeling was extremely rewarding for me. So I am hoping that people will enjoy diving into my work and maybe even find inspiration to try exploring or prioritizing something themselves.

I am very much inspired by nature, by the light, the horizon, and the changing of the seasons. I primarily work with acrylic paint and love to explore how to create textures to obtain a more tactile look and feel to the painting. I use brushes, spatulas, credit cards, sponges, sand, various mediums etc., all in order to obtain the right atmosphere in the painting” Quote: Mette Marquard

Art exhibitions:

- Kunstdage Kolding 9. - 10. September, 2023
- Viborg Kunstmesse 23. - 24. March 2024

- Arla Foods ArtClub all of May 2024
- Kunst i Blokhus 12.–13. October 2024
- Fængslet, Horsens 26.-27. October 2024
- Energinet, Fredericia all of June 2025